An editorial evaluation is a professional review of your manuscript that assesses its strengths, points out areas that need improvement, and provides next-step recommendations. We’ll read your manuscript thoroughly and provide you with a 3-4 page written report.

The areas we typically focus on include the title, structure, content, editing, and marketability. Within these categories, we discuss character development, plot, and dialogue for works of fiction, and logic, clarity, argument strength, and citations for works of non-fiction. We’re happy to address any other specific aspect of the manuscript upon request.

All evaluations include recommendations for how to move forward and a discussion of what type of editing, if any, would most benefit your project. We also include suggestions for BISAC codes and search keywords that are SEO-sensitive to help with marketing your book. We’ve worked on hundreds of manuscripts and bring that expertise to your project.

We are committed to being supportive as well as constructively critical.  We take a strengths-based approach to evaluating manuscripts and want our feedback to be useful to you. We’ll be honest about our experience reading your book and will give concrete suggestions for how to make it the best it can be.

A typical editorial evaluation takes ten days or less. Contact us for a quote on your project. We’ll get back to you within two business days.



We work with authors at many different stages of the publishing process, and so we offer three levels of editing services for you to choose from. We are always happy to discuss which service best suits your project.

We use the Track Changes function in MS Word so that you can clearly see all of the changes and comments that have been made, and accept or reject them on an individual basis (or all at once). This ensures that you retain creative control over the final product. Find information about the Track Changes tool, click here for MS Word and here for OpenOffice.


Standard Copy Editing (includes Line Editing)

Copy editing and line editing are sometimes offered as separate services; the copy edit fixes technical errors while the line edit corrects tone, consistency, and more. We provide both at once.

When we copy and line edit your manuscript, we correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb tense, syntax, and other mechanics. We also check for consistency and ensure that your manuscript adheres to the work’s intended tone and style. We point out overused or misused words and suggest alternatives.


Content Editing

A content edit includes all of the mechanical editing of a Standard Copy Edit, and then goes deeper.

It works a little differently for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. This is sometimes referred to as Developmental or Substantive editing.

For fictional work, we will address character development, dialogue, the sequence of events, the flow of the language, the story’s pacing, the plausibility of the people and events, and more. We might question whether or not a character would really say or do that or suggest you give more context to an event. We’ll tell you if we think you’re getting too wordy. We’ll also point out areas of strong prose and lines we particularly enjoy.

For a non-fiction manuscript, we help you improve the clarity of your argument, point out potential problems in logic, and ensure that you’re adhering to the right tone and style for your intended audience. We’ll ask questions that we think other readers will want to know, thereby allowing you to plug up the holes before you publish.



A proofread is the final step and should be undertaken only after a manuscript has been previously edited. Often this is done after a content edit has been completed and larger changes have been implemented.

We’ll fix those persistent mechanical errors that are often invisible to spell checkers but that make readers cringe (like ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ – since it’s not technically a spelling error, your word processor won’t catch it).



On-demand reviews are increasingly popular as self-publishing writers hit the marketplace to promote their books and compete for space on bookstore shelves. We’ll read your book thoroughly and provide a review, an average of 500 words in length (or ~250 words for a kids’ book), that you can use in your promotion and marketing campaign.

A review is different from an evaluation; in a review, we give our opinions as readers first. We’ll write  a short synopsis of the book, and about our experience of reading it. We’ll mention areas for improvement and suggest who might enjoy the book.

Our reviews have been used on author’s websites, dust jackets, book listings on online retailers’ sites, and as testimonials. Once we write it, it’s yours to keep and use however you think best helps to promote your work.


Contact us for a quote. We’ll get back to you within two business days.



Your privacy is important to us. We will never distribute or share any part of your project or your personal data without express written consent from you.