“It is really hard to conceive that the last 6 months of work is now so professionally worded!”

– Magnus Unemyr, author of Mastering Online Marketing


“Excellent write-up. Beautiful. Brought tears. It is a most welcome powerful feeling to be understood, AT LAST. And by a complete stranger! 🙂 Thank you.”

– Azra Daniel Francis, author of The Wrong Race: in Apartheid-Racist South Africa

 “Sarah, I really do appreciate the great feedback from you on all fronts!  You are helping me become a better writer.”

– E. G. Patrick, author of Solid Stone: Revolving Door

“Eric is the consummate professional in every way. I rate him five stars in all measures of performance. His attention to detail is amazing. I look forward to working with again. Highly recommended!”

– Keith Brown, author of Boys in the Banyons

“[Sarah’s] editorial evaluation was positive right on through to the end – sure there are a few things I need to attend to but in her words…the novel is at an advanced stage of readiness for publication and she concluded by saying she had been absolutely hooked by the characters. That last line, combined with her earlier suggestion that my novel belongs in the category of dramatic literary fiction and should not be limited by a designation of romance, had me wanting to burst into tears of gratitude.

I allowed myself a minute to savour this evaluation of my work – 60 glorious seconds where I glowed with the thought that someone who wasn’t married to me, related to me, or had been a friend of mine for decades really liked my book.”

– Francis Guenette, author of Disappearing in Plain Sight

“Eric’s editing is smart. His keen eye, attention to details and command of the English language helped my sentences and ideas get clearer and more precise throughout my book. I appreciated the first round of the editorial evaluation. This gave me a chance to better structure my book, before going into his final editing service. And now after he has gone through the book with a fine comb, I feel confident putting it out into the world. I highly recommend his services.”

– Sue Vittner, author of From Your Vision Board To Your Bedroom

 “It was an interesting and enlightening experience for me to go through the editing process. [Sarah’s] insertions, deletions, and comments have taught me a lot. It was definitely a learning curve for me. I appreciate an editor who gives me some thoughtful suggestions without trying to rewrite the entire book. Even though we writers are very sensitive to criticism, I truly believe editing is necessary. A writer becomes far too close to their work to notice even the most obvious of errors. Thank you so much for making it a painless venture.”

– Linda Ross, author of Silent Journey: the Michelle Britton Story

“I have just read through the evaluation and really appreciate [your] comments. Thank you!  It is a very helpful piece of writing.”

– Julie Freedman-Smith, co-author of A Year of Intentional Parenting

“I enjoyed working with Eric. His editing work was excellent and he came up with several suggestions that I would not have thought of on my own. Everything was completed in a timely manner. The only change I will make for my next book is connecting with him earlier in the process.”

– John Cameron, author of Rock Solid: How to Strengthen Your Company

 “Thank you so much…I really appreciated your excellent comments, and suggestions. I have implemented the bulk of the changes. My sincere thanks for your assistance.”

– F.L. Ciano, author of Digital Wilderness

“This was an excellent job. I received first class feedback and editing. Eric Anderson is the best and only editor that I would work with.”

 – Terry Crofts, author of Secrets